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Medios de comunicación

The media are aware of the preparation and development of this event through the press office team and the website which will be held expressly for the occasion. The organization of the event itself and the various institutions that will continue to support and inform the developments of the expedition.

Prior to the dates of the trip will take place a press conference to publicize the project, the composition of the team and the final route.

Will also be provided to journalists all facilities for conducting interviews and stories, as well as the necessary documentation in relation to evento.Con This is intended to maximise space in the media, a factor that will impact positively on the image of the sponsor.

Moreover, the fact that commemorate the 25 anniversary of this Rally, facilitate the emergence of stories. Precisely institutional support is an important element in the development of such events since 1996 and have done so. Add to the forefront of this initiative is a woman abalada for his sporting career, thus facilitating the emergence of stories, both in print and on television, as has already been demonstrated in connection with its previous holdings.

They also stress that we are in the pipeline to reach an agreement with a television channel to produce a series of stories of the trip. It also published a second book on the history of this route and the translation into Spanish of another book published in French on top of "Latécoère line."

Summary schematic of interviews and stories Mercè Martí in the various media in their aerial competitions.



Spaces report, Sports and Features.
Estudio Estadio, Tele Diario.
Conducting several documentaries.

TVE Comarcales

News and Features.
Interviews of current and Symposia.


Reporting, interviews and sports programs.
Galas and competitions.

Antena 3

Interviews and reports.

Tele 5

News and interviews. The Martian Chronicles.


Reports and interviews.

Canal +

Information, interviews and reports



La 6


TransWorld Internacional

Feature-delivered globally 5 minutes.

Televisiones Internacionales como

CNN, CBS y locales de diferentes países.


Extensive interviews and reports in: El Pais, ABC, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, Avui, El Periodico, Diario 16, The Courier, Sport, El Mundo Deportivo, Diario de Sabadell, The Nou, Mark, Ace, Diario de Mallorca, Gazette Galicia among others.

Seven Covers and twelve stories supplements in Sunday newspapers and a cover of La Vanguardia.
Total: 265 Items


National Geografic, Hello, Soon Mach Paris, Reading, Week, Dunia, Active, Vogue, Woman, Ten Minutes, Clara, Very Interesting, TodoSport, Sports 10, Fly, Journal of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Airline Magazine, General Aviation, Car and Driver, Skipper, only routes, Fusion, World Business, Barcelona Divine, Gazette Shell Magazine Air Plane Revue, Discover Magazine, Woman Today among others.

Total: 128 Publications

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