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Over the past hundred years, a number of events have marked and changed the trajectory of our lives, our way of traveling and knowing the world.

The power to fly broke any mold of the era and a tribute to the much cherished desire that since the legend of Icarus passing by Leonardo da Vinci took time elusive. Thanks to the concern and perseverance of those people at the beginning of the twentieth century, the dream project reached its reality.

Since then, the frantic struggle to demonstrate the giant step of development and even national prestige prompted governments and entrepreneurs to be the first to take initiatives risky and unusual. The world was immersed in a constant change of new discoveries and achievements, and among them, the aviation industry became the most prominent adventure.

At the forefront of developing this seizure was the first U.S. aircraft designs and leading the conquest air. Some European countries were not least, Britain, France, Germany and Spain began to highlight and show some interest by those "pileup Voladores" producing some initial designs and developing an aviation industry that will endure since then.

After World War I, where the spirit of adventure became warlike spirit and the planes left the sports challenges to deal with war, there was need to bring the distant colonies and unite with each other major cities. Thus, in the early 30 and led by private initiatives born the era of commercial aviation and with it their first routes.

Therefore, evoke and celebrate the essence of those times has prompted us to reconstruct the first route of communication between the continents "Latécoère Line" or also known "Aeropostal Route" linking the mail between Europe, Africa in an unprecedented time.

Remember the splendor aircraft and make known the history of aviation pushing new cultural projects is the best tribute to celebrate our legacy. The reconstruction of a flight of this kind seen from the perspective already present in the Twenty-first Century, can bring significant value between a turning point. Fly like 30 years, emulating flights on cities that have been weighing in aviation history or simply remember such important events, is certainly bring the past to the present.

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