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The “Ligne” seen through painting by Philippe Mischke

Discover illustrations of a historic event before this issue further.

Ilustration 1
Latécoère facilities in Montaudran. France, 1918

Ilustration 2
Arriving on December 25, 1918 Mr. Latécoère and pilot Cornemont to the airfield Poultry in Barcelona to establish the air route

Ilustration 3
Arriving in Alicante of P.G. Latécoère, Dombray and Beppo Massimi. They were landing with its precursors where it is now the airport of Alicante and Malaga in 1920

Ilustration 4
In 1923 already flying over Morocco and bases as Cap Jubiy Villa Cisneros places were crossing the "line"

Ilustration 5
In 1925 and mail routes were frequent. In this illustration is the legendary pilot J. Mermoz face one of loshoteles most emblematic St. Louis of Senegal, the Post Office Hotel

Ilustration 6
In 1925 began the air missions mail americas South. Bags post were transported between continents

Ilustration 7
Landing in one of the beaches of Santos. Brazil 1925

Ilustration 8
Arriving for issuing Latécoère to Rio de Janeiro from Admiral Gag Coutinho, Jose Roig, and the pilot Vachet in 1925

Ilustration 9
Delivery of the first draw of mail between Rio and Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ilustration 10
A reunion in one of the scales between pilots J. Mermoz and Guilloret in South americas, 1928

Ilustration 11
Air 28 Late in distress in the Andes en route to Santiago de Chile Antoine de Saint Exupéry in Cap retirement, writing his first book

Ilustration 12
Antoine de Saint Exupéry in Cap retirement, writing his first book

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