Aeroport de Sabadell
Ctra. Bellaterra, s/n
08205 - Sabadell
Tel: 93 712 17 91
Fax: 93 746 90 07

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infinit air

Aerial Work

Our experience in the aviation field allows us to offer a variety of air services and to adapting ourselves to the customers requirement.

Air Photography and Filming

We provide you with all the suitable material and professionals to offer you the best photography and filming material taken from the air.

Advertising and Promotional Flights

Use the aircraft as a mobile advertising platform, wrapping it with your company's corporate colours or with the product being advertised.

Company Incentives

An original present to motivate your customers, suppliers and employees.

Organisation of Aeronautical Events

We have all the means and knowledge to advise you about aeronautical events and to organise them.

Consultancy Services

In the last few years Infinit Air has been collaborating with the government developing the master plan of airfields and airports in Catalonia.

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