Infinit Air specialized in aerial photography and surveillance flights

Infinit Air was founded to organize and participate in air racing events in 1997 by Mercè Martí, renowned international pilot for her aviation achievements and air expeditions.

In 2000 she expanded the activity as an Aerial Work Company starting to do Tourist Flights over Barcelona and Publicity along the Catalonia Coastline.

Since then with the acquisition of new twin-engine airplanes and hangars and facilities at Sabadell Airport, Infinit Air offers a wide variety of services such Surveillance, Observation, Patrol and Aerial Photography been mainly the Public Administration the principal costumer.

From its very foundation, a large number of Companies and Public Entities have contributed to its  growth, positioning the company in the market. Entities such as the Departament d'Interior de la Generalitat of Catalonia, Departament de Ramaderia i Pesca and l'Agència Catalana de l'Aigua, endorse the company’s work as a winner of Public Tenders. Also National and international photogrammetric companies have likewise entrusted the company with their equipment to perform photography work such MIDAS, PICTOMETRY and LASER for topographic surveys throughout Europe.

Meet us

Our fleet consists of twin-engine aircraft

Infinit Air has three Vulcanairs Observer 2 (P68 OBS). They are new twin-engine aircrafts specially designed for Observation, Surveillance, Patrol, Filming and Photography.

The P68 OBS has and exceptional performance allowing you to fly without restrictions over large urban areas, coast line or remote zones. Flight autonomy is up to 8 hours and incorporates state-of-the-art navigation equipment. Its two 200 HP engines provide great stability in flight and the wings located over the fuselage as well as the transparent nose allows excellent visibility. The Vulcanair has a capacity of up to 6 occupants and enough space to place the filming and photography equipment in the photogrammetric hole in the belly of the plane.

All of them comply with the highest safety maintenance requirements and are controlled by Avintair Maintenance Facility and CAMO that guarantees the continued airworthiness.

The other aircraft and Infinit Air’s Company Flagship is a Piper Twin Comanche (PA-30) a twin-engine that develops 320 CV full prepared for racing , with a more sporty look and used by Mercè Martí for her competitions and achievements. This airplane is intended for advertising, promotional flights and competitions. This airplane has been fetured in many TV programs and documentaries. It has a capacity up to 4 occupants.

The staff

Mercè Martí Inglada

Mercè Martí Inglada

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Vanessa Nuñez

Vanessa Nuñez


Aerial work

Our experience in the Aerial Works sector allows us to offer a variety of Air Services and adapt to the needs of the Client and the Public Administration.

Surveillance and observation

Infinit Air is can attend the needs of the Public Administration to covering inland, maritime and coast surveillance missions. Infinit Air with more than 12 years of experience in the sector is able to provide competitive and economic management.

Photography and aerial filamation

We offer our aircraft with photogrammetric hole to be able to put the different cameras on the market. The measurements are 28.4 x 18.1 inches (63X46cm). A large number of National and International Companies trust in our fleet. We have also developed our own procedures and helped companies to perfect their filming and monitoring systems.

Advertising and promotional flights

Use the airplane as a mobile advertising support, labeling it with the corporate colors of your company or with the promotional product. Companies such as Freixenet, Tibidabo, CMR, IWC, etc. have used these services.

Organization of aeronautical events

Throughout these years, Infinit Air has organized aeronautical events such as the Discovery Flight 1998, the Centennial Flight or the Ruta Aeropostal 2007. These events can be seen on our website.

Consulting services and media

Infinit Air, together with Mercè Martí, has collaborated with the Public Administration in the development of the Directive Plan for Aerodromes and Airports of Catalonia.

In the sports side, she has participated in the promotion of events for TV and Print Media such as the Festa al Cel for TV3, Formula 1 in Reno 2013 and 2014, Air Race1 2014 in Lleida and the World Cup Thailand 2017.

At the press release link you can find different resume of media.

Infinit Cars

Due to our passion for the engine and speed, Infinit Air has created the Infinit Cars division. A new project that recovers and restores historic vehicles with the aim to sale it to a passionate costumers.


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